About our project
The goal of our project is to create a startup city that will provide the highest quality of life through a polycentric system of governance.

We chose to name our startup city Mariposa as a butterfly is a powerful symbol that represents endurance, change, hope, and life.

We believe this project is possible to realize in Honduras as part of the Honduran ZEDE Program.

This page has been created to attract future residents, investors, and team members while we are still working on our master plan to be presented to the Honduran Government in the near future.
Our Core Values
These values are the foundation of the community we want to build.
Having a polycentric system of governance ensures that the government entities whose services are faster, better, and cheaper, or whose clients are most satisfied, stay in business. Polycentricity provides the ultimate protection against corruption by rewarding entrepreneurial innovations, intelligent decisions, and efficient execution.
Scientific Method
Innovation requires new ideas. New ideas rarely get the majority of votes and are often suppressed by those having special interests to keep the status quo. Therefore it is crucial to separate Church, State, and Science. Moreover, science cannot exist without freedom of speech that, in turn, can exist only in a transparently governed society.
New technologies allow governments to be more transparent than ever in history. It is our priority that highly valuable information such as elections, expenditures, taxes, laws, and even scientific data related to the life of our community is available on the Mariposa website. We will use blockchain technology to notarize events so that nobody may tweak the past.

Personal Responsibility
We would love you to have a choice to be governed the way you want without a need to impose your will on others, an opportunity to take an active part in that governance, and see how your decisions impact your life and the lives of others. Such freedom comes with an increased sense of personal responsibility. It encourages authenticity, personal growth, respect for others' choices, and effective conflict resolution.
Our Vision
Read, discuss and share this vision with others.
We hope you will be inspired to join us to make this dream a reality!
Polycentric System of Governance
We want to build a city with a polycentric system of governance that removes the incentive for political debates and allows the market to decide what is best for its citizens. There is no need to vote for a one-size-fits-all model. You can choose to be governed by a government entity best representing your values and your ideas for quality of life without moving to another city or country.
If you don't find any government entity that suits your beliefs, you are encouraged to create your own. After all, more competition helps such a system to improve over time and allow each person to pursue their happiness in their unique manner. More details will appear here soon.
Ecologic Living and Organic Farms
We envision our city near the Caribbean sea, with clean beaches, and surrounded by Organic farms. We believe that the quality of air, water, and food directly affects our health, while pesticides & herbicides designed for GMO food production may be among the leading causes of human's most prevalent diseases of our time. We want to set up laws that would ensure ecological solutions and would make organic food more affordable.

Health Sanctuary
We want our city to become a Health Sanctuary with clinics that use a combination of Holistic, Naturopathic, Functional, and Integrative Medical approaches. We expect these clinics to provide evidence-based, safe, effective, and affordable treatments that will foster medical tourism.

Effective Conflict Resolution
We want to create a culture of effective communication and peaceful conflict resolution by ensuring that those who desire to obtain Mariposa citizenship get basic training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) approach. We hope this will make Mariposa the first biggest Spanish speaking NVC Training Hub in the World.
Restorative Justice
We want to implement a Restorative Justice System that, according to the research, even offenders find more satisfying and fairer than the traditional criminal justice system. Restorative Justice aims to get offenders to take responsibility for their actions (not just pass their time miserably in jail) and understand the harm they have caused. It gives offenders an opportunity to redeem themselves and discourage them from repeating criminal activities.
Quality Maternity Care
We want to create an Ecstatic Birth culture by providing educational opportunities for future parents and birth practitioners. Together with leading-edge practices for safe and respectful maternity care, these programs will allow women to dismount their fears of labor and create powerful birth experiences that will positively impact their children's health and brain development. We hope that these practices will drive birth tourism and new wealth-creating residents to the area.
Child-Friendly City
We believe the quality of outside play and educational opportunities are crucial for the physical, social, and cognitive development of young children. We want our children to have access to various urban and suburban spaces where they can learn by playing. Child-friendly routes and green zones, public spaces designed with local children and parents, science museums, children's museums, and amusement parks are the main focus in our urban planning vision.
Entrepreneurs create wealth, jobs, and the conditions for a flourishing society. We want to be the center for raising entrepreneurs and encourage entrepreneurship by having business-friendly taxes and regulations. Moreover, Mariposa will provide user-friendly software that simplifies business registration and automates bureaucratic procedures related to business operations. We believe this software will attract local and international entrepreneurs to domicile their businesses in Mariposa. By encouraging entrepreneurship, we will help people to create prosperity in their community.
We want our society to generate not only wealth but also love and joy, where hugs and kisses are part of every meeting we hold.
Founders of the Project
Everyday we work hard to make the dream about a better society a reality.
We want to create a place where there will be no such thing as an unsatisfied minority
and everyone can pursue their happiness in their own way.
Daniel Morin
Founder & Software Architect
  • Founder and CEO of a successful software company www.GenoPro.com with 2.2 million subscribers that has been on the market since 1998.
  • Keen software architect whose program GenoPro has been translated in 38 languages, sold over 205 countries in the world.
  • One of the first university professors in the world teaching about cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2013.
  • Visionary that has been gestating ideas for building a society with a polycentric governance system for over a decade.
  • Author of a decentralized secure communication platform for Mariposa government. This app is designed to automate and notarize most governmental services such as voting, quadratic funding, dominant assurance contracts, and land titles registration. It can also be used by individuals and businesses to send and receive payments, create legally-binding blockchain-based digital contracts and enforce them, lower the cost of arbitration while resolving disputes, and build a reputation in a fair, reliable, and transparent way. For crypto enthusiasts, this app has a built-in wallet with APIs to automate crypto transactions.
Katerina Morin
Founder & Social Media and Communications
  • Psychologist from Russia, and Fulbright Scholarship alumni with MA in Communication Studies from University of Kansas (KU). Her expertise is in Organizational and Intercultural Communications.
  • In 2009 she served as a president of KU Fulbright Scholar Association (KUFSA). She wrote KUFSA constitution that allowed KUFSA to win an award of the best international student organization of the year in 2010.
  • Founder of www.BirthWithPleasure.com and the only certified Ecstatic Birth Practitioner in Latin America. She loves assisting women in creating healthy pregnancies and powerful birth experiences that positively impact baby's health and brain development.
  • Nonviolent Communication trainer since 2019. It is her passion to increase harmony in her community by teaching its members a peaceful way for conflict resolution and integrating Restorative Circle Practice into Mariposa justice system.
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